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Cisco Firewall supplier in Kenya

Cisco firewall supplier in Kenya is a single answer is FSI . FSI build hard and secured walls out of your company premises.We make sure your end point to server solutions are secured and safe.

Cisco Firewall supplier in Kenya-Best & Safe

Whether you are looking for your Firewall office use or for just a general purpose we are glad to present you with the best Network Firewalls in Kenya. At FSI we act as a bridge between the manufacturer and the client by offering end users the best deals.

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Cisco firewall supplier in Kenya

Cisco firewall supplier in Kenya

Cisco firewall supplier in Kenya brings,the ASA connects the same network on its inside and outside interfaces. Because the firewall is not a routed hop, you can easily introduce a transparent firewall into an existing network.IPv4 and IPv6 traffic is allowed through the transparent firewall automatically from a higher security interface to a lower security interface, without an access list. ARPs are allowed through the transparent firewall in both directions without an access list. ARP traffic can be controlled by ARP inspection. For Layer 3 traffic travelling from a low to a high security interface, an extended access list is required on the low security interface.


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BPDU Handling
To prevent loops using the spanning tree protocol, BPDUs are passed by default. To block BPDUs, you need to configure an EtherType access list to deny them. If you are using failover, you might want to block BPDUs to prevent the switch port from going into a blocking state when the topology changes. See the “Transparent Firewall Mode Requirements” section for more information.

MAC Address vs. Route Lookups
When the ASA runs in transparent mode, the outgoing interface of a packet is determined by performing a MAC address lookup instead of a route lookup.

Route lookups, however, are necessary for the following traffic types:

•Traffic originating on the ASA—For example, if your syslog server is located on a remote network, you must use a static route so the ASA can reach that subnet.

•Traffic that is at least one hop away from the ASA with NAT enabled—The ASA needs to perform a route lookup to find the next hop gateway; you need to add a static route on the ASA for the real host address.

•Voice over IP (VoIP) and DNS traffic with inspection enabled, and the endpoint is at least one hop away from the ASA—For example, if you use the transparent firewall between a CCM and an H.323 gateway, and there is a router between the transparent firewall and the H.323 gateway, then you need to add a static route on the ASA for the H.323 gateway for successful call completion. If you enable NAT for the inspected traffic, a static route is required to determine the egress interface for the real host address that is embedded in the packet. Affected applications include:








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