PABX Installation

PABX Installation in Kenya


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Private Automatic Branch Exchange (PABX) is an in-house telephone switching system which makes connections among the internal telephones of a private organization (or an enterprise) and also connects them to the public telecom network via various interfaces. PABX can have various types of extensions such as analogue phone, digital Phone, IP Phone, etc. This system switch calls between users on local lines while allowing all users to share a certain number of external phone lines.

Basic Architecture, its Functions & Interfaces

Generally, A PABX includes:
(a) Telephone Extensions (multiple phones) lines that terminate at the PABX
(b) A CPU card or server or a separate computer with memory that manages the
switching of the calls within the PABX and in and out of it
(c) Trunk / Junction Lines connected to the Telephone Service Provider
(d) A console/PC for management functions



Different Interfaces in PABX Scenario

IP PABX insttalation(A) Interfaces for connecting PABXs to trunk lines (towards Public Network) :
There may be various possibilities for PABX, by which it can be connected to TDM or IP-based Public Telephone Network through different types of Interfaces. (B) Interfaces for connecting extensions to a PABX.
(C) Interfaces for connecting PABXs to other PABX for Networking purpose.
For making a large setup or networking purpose.
(D) Interfaces for collecting data from the PABX.

We are quite successful in connecting various internal departments in an organization with well-defined PABX identification through the internal network which predominantly works on the principle of TCP/IP stack.

The PABX system predominantly involves the installation of the central switching system for two main components:

  • The voice data through the IP based telephonic system.
  • The data connectivity through the TCP stack, which gets accommodated in the LAN, thereby connecting the multiple workstations in a network system.

The PABX Architecture Advantages

IP PABX installation

The PBX/PABX system provides immense benefits to the enterprise organization as it carries with it certain advantages such as the following:

  • Interactive Voice Response system (IVR): IVR’s have been enabling the users to have seamless product information through the self-explanatory IVR systems in place. In fact, with IVR and call queue, you could perform multitasking to handle more calls with a bare minimum staff.
  • Conference call facility over the VoIP systems: The PABX systems accommodate within it the conference call facility over the VoIP. The VoIP provides a significant bandwidth within it which enables for a conference call meeting which essentially involves the voice sharing among the users.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) integration in the PABX systems: CRM’s have been incorporated with the PABX telephone system, which allows the archival of the voicemail received from the end-users.
  • Remote office connectivity through PABX systems PABX telephone systems have been quite successful in connecting the multiple offices through its remove connectivity. Since the entire network works on the internet protocol, connecting and configuring the new extensions at a remote office becomes almost very easy.